Friday, May 1, 2015

New Site!

Hey guys,

It's Tobey here. We've moved to a new site! Thanks to all of your donations we were able to make a new site!



  1. Thanks for doing Manga Translations. I will support you by reducing any money issue you might have.

    I will donate $200 every month. ^^ starting after 2 weeks.

  2. I know you have a lot going on, but Im wondering if you will ever pick up "The moon at Daybreak" again, I really liked it even read all the raws on Naver, you have gotten a comment like this before, but I don't know if they were posted properly, I posted something like this in projects, & the The moon at daybreak page, but nothing is showing up so I don't know if it got sent properly, also I apogolize if you already got these post, & if im posting this in the wrong spot, I;m completely new to this site. Anyways if you could please reply, I know your busy now, but I will be sad if this project is completely dropped.

  3. where can i find out the ongoing projects of your scanlations i really like the quality of it and want to read more
    you can mail me

  4. Goggle is blocking your new page stated robot.txt is blocking site description from Google please fix

  5. Hi, i love your manwhua (divine throne) but its take too long to update, i search this on manwhua tai, its already chapter 398 but the problem is not english..can you please make it faster? I cant wait for the next update, its a little bit unfaire to as reader that waiting too long, in chinese its already chap 398,